Walk to Refresh

Give your brain the dose of nature it needs to get through the rest of the day with a hike through the Millennium Conservation Area protected by Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority just across from the Comfort Inn in Port Hope on Highway 28.

Walk to Refresh Guided Hikes

August 14 & 28, 2019

Did you know walking at lunchtime can decrease the amount of workplace stress you experience on a daily basis?! An abundance of research has highlighted the numerous mental and physical benefits of walking on your lunch break!

Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority and the Northumberland Sports Council have teamed up to help get you and your work friends outside and on the trails for a quick refresh hike on your lunch break! There was a great group on the trails during the first event and we’re aiming to increase the number of participants. Consider joining us! #HealthyHikes

Where: Millennium Conservation Area (behind GRCA main office, 2216 County Rd 28, just across from the Comfort Inn in Port Hope) Meet at the trailhead located at the north end of the parking lot!

Did you know you can use the Millennium Conservation Area (protected by the Ganaraska Conservation Authority) at any time for FREE!? Learn more by clicking here!

Email info@grca.on.ca for further information

Take the Walk to Refresh Challenge! 

Try walking for just 10 min on your lunch break 1x during week 1, 2x during week 2. 3x during week 3 and 4x during week 4! Better yet, try doing it with a colleague!


Mindful Hike Prompts

Leave what you did at work this morning and car ride here at the beginning of this hike. Three big deep breaths and with each breath think of one thing you will leave here at the parking lot.

Stop 1: I want you to look around 360 and look for 3 different type of leaves

Stop 2: look up and look to see what the clouds look like, how blue the sky is. Now look down and see where the shadow is casted and notice the texture of the ground

Stop 3: close your eyes and see how many different sounds you can hear while you take 3deep breaths

Stop 4: I want you to look around and find one cool thing to touch. What does it feel like?

Stop 5: I want you to find a partner (someone you don’t know) ask what their favourite food is, favourite summer activity and what their favourite thing is about fall



Learn more about natures effect on the brain here: 


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