Being active regularly is extremely important for both your physical and mental health.  Finding an activity that you enjoy doing in all four seasons can help you be a better friend, student, brother, daughter, and employee!

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Need help paying for organized sport? KidSport Northumberland can cover up to $250.00 in expenses.

24 Hour Movement Guidelines -How much is enough?

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines state that teens need 60 min of heart-pumping physical activity every day to get all the wonderful benefits!

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Physical Literacy


Physical literacy is all about having the confidence, competence, and motivation to be active for life!

It is important to develop habits early, try lots of different activities, and gain the skills you need to be active in multiple different settings.

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More Info Please!

If you are looking for some courses to help build your resume for the sport and exercise world check out the Sport for Life Campus

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If you are looking to get qualifications to become a coach check out Coaches.ca

If you are looking for reliable information on physical activity and exercise (maybe for a Phys Ed project?) check out these links: