Physical Literacy in the Park

Physical Literacy in the Park Trent Hills PLAY Skills

What is Physical Literacy in the Park? 

Physical Literacy in the Park is a free opportunity for family members or community organizations to bring the children they live or work with to a community park and meet the kids in their neighborhood and spend 10-60min being physically active and gaining FUNdamental Movement Skills.

Who should come to Physical Literacy in the Park? 

What is Physical Literacy?

Basically, Physical Literacy is a framework people are using to give children quality physically active experiences. Only 20% of 5- to 11-year-olds in Canada spend several hours a day (more than 2 hours) in unorganized physical activity, according to their parents (2014-15 CHMS, Statistics Canada). Take a minute and think about your own childhood. Can you image only spending 2 hours each day playing outside of school?!?!

Just like children need to learn their ABCs before they can spell a word children need to learn how to RUN, HOP, THROW before they want to be involved in any sport and activity. Research shows that when a child is more confident in his or her skills they are more likely to move and therefore gain all the great health benefits associated with being active!

To learn more about physical literacy and the health benefits click this link! 

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