ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge 2019

The ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge is a brand new annual physical activity challenge that rallies communities to sit less and move more together. Physical activity and sport participation are great ways to build and strengthen bonds and help us all Community Better. Organizations, schools, sport groups and workplaces are encouraged to spread the word about the challenge to their members and surrounding networks as well as track minutes on behalf of their organization.

– ParticipACTION 2019

The Northumberland Sports Council was successful in getting a grant to facilitate 2 Physical Literacy in the Park workshops, one in Brighton at the King Edward Park, and one in Campbellford at Kennedy Park.

Learn more about the Community Better Challenge by clicking this link!

I set up multiple different games and obstacle courses for children and youth of all ages. I also had the opportunity to talk to parents and distribute resources about physical literacy, ParticipACTION, Canada Sport for Life, the National Coaches Certification Program, and the Northumberland Sports Council.

Games We Played Organized by FUNdamental Movement Skill 


  • Musical Hoops
  • Children run around
  • Bubble Pop


  • Skip Tag
    • When tagged you can only skip around
    • If a non skipper links arms with you, you can stop skipping
    • Trying to get everyone skipping


  • Red Light Green Light Yellow Light
  • Flower Run
    • Children are split into 2-4 groups and assigned a “flower”
    • When that flower is called they must run to the centre and then do 10 jumping jacks, high knees, squat jumps then run back as fast as possible
  • Chicken Tag
    • People who are it have a chicken and can only tap the person out with a chicken
  • Duck Duck Goose!
  • Rock Paper Scissors RUN or CATCH


  • Fruit Basket
    • Hula Hoops + Bean Bags
    • Have kids run around the outside of the hula hoops then when I call Fruit basket they have to get all beanbags and balls into the hoops then throw them out and start again
  • Cup Throw
    • Each child has a cup and pairs up with a ball
    • Try to catch and throw WITH BOTH HANDS
    • Take a step back each time you are successful
  • Coloured Hoop Throw
    • Collect coloured bean bags and try to throw them through same coloured hoop


  • Dribble around and hit the cone
  • Flip it over a noodle
  • British Bull Dog
    • All kids have a ball except person in the middle then they must dribble across without it being taken
  • Soccer Baseball


  • Noodle Hockey


  • Bean Bag Obstacle Course
    • Kids must go through a series of obsitcals while
  • Animal Yoga
    • Flamingo
    • Bear
    • Tree
    • Cat/ Cow
  • Flamingo Tag
    • If caught must stand like a flamingo
  • Partner in Crime
    • Run around and when the leader calls out 2 body parts you must match up with your partner with those two body parts
      • Knee+ Toe
      • Elbow+ Toe
      • Elbow + Elbow
      • Calf + Calf
  • Back to Back
    • Like musical Chairs but with squats and body
  • Over, Under, Freeze:
    • Have kids spread out and instruct them to follow the following commands:
      • OVER! Climb over a piece of playground equipment
      • UNDER! Climb under some equipment
      • FREEZE! Pause wherever you are
      • Alternate command words: Reverse – continue all movements backwards Buddy up – link arms with a partner Bunny hop – continue moving by hopping around Bear walk – move around on all fours Find the… (E.g. cone, bench, door, etc.)

Parachute Games

  • Ice Cream:
    • Divide up players into vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.
    • Call out a flavour and that flavour must relocate to find a new place.
    • If Neapolitan is called, everyone must move.
  • Popcorn:
    • Place balls on the parachute. Wave the parachute up and down until all the balls fly off. Have children run to collect them


ParticipACTION has a new app you can download that will help you keep track of how much physical activity you do in a week, help you create and meet goals in your health and wellness journey, and has lots of great resources about the current state of physical activity and health in Canada.

Learn more by visiting the ParticipACTION website by clicking this link! 

Overall it was a very successful event! We had 15 children and youth and 6 parents come play with us in Brighton, and 11 children and youth and 7 parents and grandparents come play with us in Campbellford.

ParticipACTION provided us with water bottles, stickers, pins to give away to participants!

Learn more about ParticipACTION by clicking this link!

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