Northumberland Families on the Move

The information that you will find on this page are resources from the presenters at Northumberland Families on the Move. This event was on May 5, 2018.

Great ways to play! Get a Play Bag for your family (need to put instructions on how to get one)

Northumberland Families on the Move Program

What’s in my PLay Bag?

  • 1/3 of a Pool Noodle = a bat or obstacle (striking, walk on it = balance)
  • 4 Sponges = a ball or hurdle (throwing, catching, dodging, jumping)
  • Skipping Rope = (jump, skip, hop over the rope)
  • Bubbles = floating target (catch, strike, jump run)
  • 6 Plastic Cups = targets (strike, throw aim)
  • Tennis Ball = (throw, catch, strike pass)
  • Bouncy Ball = (throw, catch, strike pass)
  • Rags/ Towles = juggling (throw, catch)
  • Plastic Plate = frisbee (throw, catch, target)
  • Chalk = guidelines/ boundaries (hop, jump, doge, balance)

PLayBag – follow the link to learn how to get the most of your family’s PLay Bag.

More great links can be found below:

Exploring Outdoor Learning Environments – Aaron Staples from Ganaraska Forest

Growing Your Physical Literacy Tool Box – Kim French from Thompson Publishing

  • Functional Fitness Charts Free Download here
  • Free Physical Literacy Webinars here 

Stepping it Up Beyond the Physical Literacy Basics- Dr. Dean Kriellaars

  • Physical Literacy Resources can be found here

Ensuring Safe Play; The latest on concussion regulation and play – Dr. Stephanie Johnston

  • Summary of Rowan’s Law can be found here
  • Concussion policy template and more info found here

Putting the FUN Back into DPA (Daily Physical Education) – Sarah Gallsworthy

  • Sarah wants you to check out these websites when designing physically literate programming!
  • Let’s Play, Physical Literacy here 
  • Active for Life here
  • Sport for Life, Developing Physical Literacy and Delivering Quality Sport here
  • High Five, The Best Way to Play here
  • Ophea here
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology here 

Inclusive By Design, Adaptive Programming for All – Dr. Jennifer Leo

  • Learn more about the Abilities Centre here
  • Sport for Life FREE webinar on Inclusive Physical Literacy here

Sorry Kids, We’ve Canceled Childhood; Exploring Rick, Play, and Safety – Brandy Tanenbaum

  • Get the powerpoint slides from this session here
  • Brandy wants you to check out this website, Outside Play 

Join the Circus – Dr. Dean Kriellaars

  • Movement Preparation Poster found here 

Positive Youth Development Through Sport? – Dr. Jessica Fraser- Thomas

  • Powerpoint presentation slides from her presentation can be found here
  • Dr. Fraser-Thomas wants you to check out this website for resources, PYD Sport

Quality Coaching – Dr. Greg Hodges, Peter Burnett

  • Powerpoint slides from Greg Hodges’s presentation here
  • Link to the National Coaching Certification Program here
  • Link to FREE tips and tricks for volunteer coaches here 

PLAY Tools – Drew Mitchel

  • PLAY tools for parents, coaches, and caregivers found here

PLay Tubs – Linda Whitfield

  • PLAY Tub Flip Book here
  • What is Physical Literacy Poster here

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