Vision and Values

Our Mission

The Northumberland Sports Council is a network of organizations working together to advocate and promote a healthy, active and physically literate Northumberland County by sharing knowledge, support, and resources.

Vision and Values

  • Advocate as a united voice to support the benefits of sport, recreation and active living opportunities for all;
  • Facilitate opportunities for sharing of resources, training and recruitment of coaches, administrators and volunteers;
  • Work toward maximizing resources that foster co-operation, collaboration and partnership among individuals, groups and organizations across a variety of sectors;
  • Promote training and collaborative opportunities to facility staff, user groups and sport and recreation organizations;
  • Enhance the common goals of sport organizations and member municipalities in Northumberland County;
  • Advocate for the provision of accessible services including physical and financial needs;
  • Co-operatively promote special events and competitions in Northumberland County.

Strategic Directions:

Engage: Ensure partners and community members all across the County are engaged.

Physical Literacy: Promote the understanding and awareness of Physical Literacy for Life.

Network: Grow and strengthen the Northumberland Sports Council network across a variety of sectors.

Exchange of Knowledge: Facilitate and encourage the exchange of knowledge and expertise in the Northumberland community.

Priorities for 2018-2020 and beyond

  • Implement and sustain activities and partnerships to foster Physical Literacy in Northumberland.
  • Engage Northumberland County community partners through a multi-sectoral collaboration model.
  • Develop communications plan to understand and celebrate what Northumberland Sports Council does.


Click here for a printable version of the NSC Mission and Vision Statement