Guest Speaker Presentations

The Northumberland Sports Council has been asked to share our story, knowledge, resources, and network with various community-based organizations to help move community sport forward.

Coaches Association of Ontario Conference Community Sport Matters Workshop 2019

Community Sport Matters:  Making a Sustained Impact
What makes community sport organizations such a powerful catalyst for positive change is that they are plugged into the needs of their local community. Delivering programs, grants, and events in their communities, the power of sport is rooted in the places we call home.  This session will discuss the best practices and core elements  that contribute towards sustainable community sport models.  Through facilitated and interactive discussions this session will also look to encourage organizations to think beyond their immediate viability needs and consider what they require in order to become truly sustainable.

Canada Sport for Life Summit – Champions Leauge 2019

The Northumberland Sports Council was given the opportunity to present their Creating a Physically Literate Northumberland project at the Canada Sport for Life Summit January 2019.

Overall, the Northumberland Sports Council achieved the goal of introducing the concept of physical literacy to the Northumberland county region and helping organizations develop programming and plans to integrate physical literacy more seamlessly into their day.  We did this by using the Northumberland’s Sports Council’s network to identify key players in various organizations and collaboratively come up with feasible and client-specific plans to integrate physical literacy.

 Find the powerpoint slides to the presentation by clicking this link!

Community Living West Northumberland AGM 2018

Join us for a presentation celebrating community partnerships and the impact they have had on advancing inclusion. The keynote address will be by Molly Klintworth from the Northumberland Sports Council on connecting people to their community through sport.

Rebound Child and Youth Services AGM 2018

Guest speaker, Molly Klintworth, from the Northumberland Sports Council will share with us how we can incorporate physical literacy in the work we do with children, youth and families, and how it can enhance mental health, social and cognitive skills outcomes.

Find the powerpoint slides to the presentation by clicking this link!

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