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Find articles, tips, and tools to help foster leadership within your organization!

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Policy Development

Does your organization have an access policy or a concussion policy in place? Find templates and tips for policy development!

Concussion Policies

Make sure you review the legislation and regulation to decide what (if any) programs need to consider the updates for Concussion Policy.

Contact us if you have any questions or need help writing your concussion policy! molly.nthdsportscouncil@gmail.com

Access Policy Templates

  • What information goes into an access policy? Statements on:
    • Eliminating access to equipment as a barrier
    • Promoting free opportunities for physical activity
    • Streamlining the process to access financial support relating to participation
    • Promoting the benefits of physical activity as a foundation for a healthy community
  • Access Policy Templates
    • Join IN Toolkit is a grassroots approach to help volunteer-run organizations increase registration by removing financial barriers to participation and increasing accessibility for everyone.

Truth and Reconciliation – Sport and Reconciliation

  • We call upon the federal government to amend the Physical Activity and Sport Act to support reconciliation by ensuring that policies to promote physical activity as a fundamental element of health and well-being, reduce barriers to sports participation, increase the pursuit of excellence in sport, and build capacity in the Canadian sport system, are inclusive of Aboriginal peoples.

Play By the Rules

  • Play by the Rules provides information, resources, tools and free online training to increase the capacity and capability of administrators, coaches, officials, players, parents, and spectators to assist them in preventing and dealing with discrimination, harassment, child safety, inclusion and integrity issues in sport.
  • Visit the Play By the Rules website here!


Build sustainability within your sports organization from the top down! Find resources, tips, and tricks on how to build a well-functioning governing board here.

Sector Source is a project of Imagine Canada and the legacy of the Nonprofit Library and Risk Management and Insurance and Liability Resource Centre.

  • The Sector Source is a single location for charities and nonprofits to access selected professional material about managing, developing and overseeing their organizations.
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