Photo of group of people wearing t-shirts saying 'volunteer' while smiling at the camera

The Northumberland Sports Council is ALWAYS looking for volunteers! Contact us to learn about the different ways you can support and grow the sports and recreation community across Northumberland county. All ages and abilities are welcome!  

Looking to volunteer in Northumberland? Check out www.volunteernorthumberland.com 


Volunteer Northumberland is an online platform that allows residents to connect with volunteer opportunities offered by local community organizations.

It also allows local community organizations to promote events and volunteer opportunities, and manage volunteers (ex: scheduling, communication, tracking, and celebrating).

This platform is guided by strict privacy regulations and volunteers are kept completely anonymous until they release their information to the organization or volunteer opportunity. 

The goal of this project is to increase the awareness of volunteer opportunities to the public and to increase an organization’s capacity to operate by marketing their volunteer services to a wider population.

Rather than each organization having its own sperate list of volunteers, with this system, all organizations registered will have to opportunity to promote their services and events to all the potential volunteer’s in the system.

Volunteer Northumberland will also act as a hub for students and newcomers to Northumberland to get involved in their community and give back to the organizations that do so much for our day-to-day lives.