Access to Recreation

Image of a game of volleyball Remove financial barriers to participation in your sports or recreation activity with the help of the Northumberland Sports Council by developing and implementing open access policies!

Recreation Matters!

Affordable access to recreation for low-income families is an important social policy issue. Significant work has been done nationally, provincially and locally to advocate to the Government, municipalities and local community groups that policy, funding and broad approaches are needed to increase access. Research has demonstrated the social and economic benefits of investing in access for low-income families.

Where can I get funding in Northumberland county?

Steps to Becoming an Access Friendly Organization

  1. Agree to be access friendly
  2. Understand your resources and the true cost of participation
  3. Develop a policy
  4. Increase awareness of your access – friendly policies
  5. Evaluation
  6. Confidentiality

Join In Charter

(organization/individual name) will make every effort to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate. (organization/individual name) advocates through a written policy for JOIN IN! opportunities. (organization/individual name) staff/volunteers have been subject to a full police record check. (organization/individual name) will advocate the opportunity for financial assistance either from direct sources or other resources available. (organization/individual name) will treat each participant with dignity, respect and discretion when dealing with sensitive financial issues. (organization/individual name) will ensure that all information regarding a participant’s financial situation will remain confidential. (organization/individual name)will use the access tool kit cost recovery ratio calculation annually to determine the number of subsidized spaces or resources available. (organization/individual name) will promote the access policies through their marketing materials and at registration times.

What information goes into an Access to Recreation Policy?

Statements on:

    • Eliminating access to equipment as a barrier
    • Promoting free opportunities for physical activity
    • Streamlining the process to access financial support relating to participation
    • Promoting the benefits of physical activity as a foundation for a healthy community

Access Policy Templates

Join IN Toolkit is a grassroots approach to help volunteer-run organizations increase registration by removing financial barriers to participation and increasing accessibility for everyone.

Who can benefit from the Join IN Toolkit?

  • Volunteer sports organizations such as: minor baseball, hockey and soccer
  • Not for profit groups or organizations who provide recreation activities
  • Community recreation organizations and associations
  • Private sector recreation providers i.e. golf clubs, dance, drama
  • Clubs
  • Camps
  • Conservation Authorities
  • Heath care providers
  • School Boards
  • Social Service Organizations
  • Faith-based youth groups
  • Seniors’ Clubs

For more information on Access to Recreation Policies or to learn how the Northumberland Sports Council can help write your organization an Access to Recreation Policy, contact us!