Canada Day 2019 in Port Hope

The Northumberland Sports Council was invited to participate in the Canada Day Celebrations at Memorial Park in Port Hope! We set up a range of different activities for children and youth to try out. If they completed 3 or more of the challenges they got to pick a prize or get their face painted!

Physical Literacy Challenges included:

Noodle Hurdles

  • Use paint cans, cones, boxes, sand buckets (ect) to act as the bases for your noodle hurdles
  • Set up the hurdles so there is 1-2 noodles lying flat on the ground to act as balance beams
  • Get the kids to jump over the hurdles using 1 foot, 2 feet, forward, backward and sideways
  • Get the kids to try and walk along the flat noodles inbetween the hurdles while keeping their balance!

Ball Hop

  • Set up cones about 10 -20 steps apart
  • Get kids to squeeze the ball in between their feet like they are holding it with their feet
  • Get the kids to jump to the other cone with the ball in between their feet the whole time

Catapult Cone

  • Set up a matt on one side of the playing area with 2-3 balls by the matt
  • Set up 5 cones about 10 steps away from the mats
  • Have the kids lay flat on their backs on the mats with the ball in their hands outstretched behind their head
  • Get the kids to perform a “sit up” and catapult the ball to try and hit over 3/5 cones

Plank Clean Up

  • Get a bowl or tub with 5-10 balls or other small objects
  • Get the kids to get into a plank position
  • The kids then have to plank walk around on their hands and toes and try to collect all of the balls and put them into the tub

Bean Bag Toss

  • Set up 9-12 hula hoops in the playing area
  • have the kids try to throw in 6 bean bags into 6 different hula hoops
  • Que the children to use the right and left arm, throwing forward and throwing backward

Save the Chicken

  • Get 8-16 stakes and set them up evenly on either side of the playing area
  • Weave string around the stakes to create a “lazer trap”
  • Place the chicken in the middle of the playing area
  • Get the kids to army crawl through the “lazer trap” and try to save the chicken

Bubble Pop

  • Have the kids blow bubbles while doing different movements (ex: hop, skip, jump, run, twirl, crab walk, balance on one leg)
  • Get other kids to try and pop all the bubbles before they hit the ground

In total we had 97 children, youth and parents come through our booth and partake in physical literacy learning or activities! We were able to pass out information about the Northumberland Sports Council. Safe Communities Northumberland, Canada Sport for Life and ParticipACTION.

Feedback from the event:

Hello Molly,

Thank you for joining us at the Port Hope Canada Day Celebration in Memorial Park this year.

We lucked out with a gorgeous summer’s day and by all accounts, the day was a great success. The Northumberland Sports Council area was totally awesome. Please extend my appreciation to your whole team.

We hope you liked your placement this year and consider joining us again next year. Should you have any feedback or suggestions, we are all ears.

Below is some local coverage of the celebration – lots of smiling faces:

Port Hope Now:

Today’s Northumberland:

Snapd Northumberland West:

Thanks again – it was such a pleasure working with you!

Jeannie Maidens

Event Coordinator

Municipality of Port Hope

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