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Multi-Sport Courses that will be offered include: 

  • Nutrition -$5.00- Learn how to:
    • determine if foods and beverages consumed by your athletes before, during and after training are adequate 
    • offer suggestions for more suitable food and beverage alternatives when necessary 
    • gain a better understanding of the best way to promote healthy food choices that are consistent with basic sport nutrition principles to both athletes and their parents
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  • Make Ethical Decision-$10.00- Learn how to handle virtually any ethical situation with confidence!
    •  MED is one of the NCCP’s cornerstone workshops, and leaves coaches with no doubt as to what to do when the going gets tough. 
    • Learn how to analyze a challenging situation and determine if it has moral, legal or ethical implications
    • Learn how to apply the NCCP Ethical Decision-Making Model to properly respond to each situation in a way that is consistent with the NCCP Code of Ethics.
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  • Planning a Practice-$15.00 Learn how to: 
    • organize a well-structured practice plan with safe, age-appropriate activities you’ve designed to match the proficiency level of participants
    • identify potential risk factors that could impact the sport and practice activities
    • create an emergency action plan
    •  identify practice goals and design activities that offer the best training benefits for the athletic skills required in your sport.   
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  • Fundamental Movement Skill -$15.00- The learning activities in this workshop will prepare you to: 
    •  Detect and correct basic errors for fundamental movement skills in participants so they have a choice to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle  
    • Apply a teaching process to fundamental movement skill
    • Adapt fundamental movement skills for participants with intellectual, physical, sensory or behavioural disabilities
    • Lead activities that will promote the development of fundamental movement skills in a safe, responsible manner while interacting with other
    • Provide stage-appropriate feedback to encourage and develop fundamental movement skills in participants  
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 Sport Specific Courses that will be offered include:

  • Baseball/Softball Pitching and Catching – $10.00

  • Basketball Fundamentals – $20.00 

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We will also be hosting the screening of two documentaries from the Canadian Sports Film Festivals right here in Northumberland County! There will be two viewings, one in the east and west end of Northumberland. The movies that will be played are: 


Physical Literacy Instructor Program

The Sport for Life Society, Coaching Association of Canada, and HIGH FIVE® have come together to support recreation leaders, coaches, and others in becoming a Physical Literacy Instructor. The Physical Literacy Instructor Program is a blended e-learning and in-person training experience that provides the opportunity for an individual to become a recognized Physical Literacy Instructor. The purpose of the four training modules is to equip front-line physical activity workers with the ability to design and deliver quality programs which effectively enhance the development of physical literacy. Upon completion of the Physical Literacy Instructor Program, participants will be able to recognize, use and implement quality physical activity programs which support the development of physical literacy.

More info can be found at www.sportforlife.ca