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KidSport Northumberland works to ensure every child and youth in Northumberland county has access to sport and physical activities! KidSport Northumberland’s mission is to help families overcome financial barriers so that all kids have the opportunity to participate in organized sport and thrive within our community by providing funds for registration AND equipment costs.

  • The KidSport program was introduced to Ontario in 2000 by Sports Alliance Ontario (SAO)
  • KidSport Works to ensure that every child and youth has access to sport and recreation in their community
  • Grants range from $50.00-$250.00
  • KidSport considers social and economic barriers facing the child’s family when determining eligibility
  • Grants are for children and youth under the ages of 18 years old
  • Grants are only available for youth who currently live in Northumberland County

Follow this link to read more about KidSport

Grants through KidSport

  • The KidSport application form and grant guidelines can be found at 
  • Applications must be submitted 45 days before the start of the activity
  • The application will require:
    • Child’s information
    • Parent/guardian’s information
    • The sports organization you are requesting funding for and their address/ information
    • Sports club registration form
    • A quote from the sports organization/ retailer
    • Income verification and documents that prove income
    • Endorsement: third-party verification of the social and or economic barriers impacting the family that may or may not be depicted in the income verification
      • This can be a social services organization, family worker, teacher, pastor

Follow this link to learn how to apply 

KidSport Northumberland Boston Pizza                                Student-Athlete of the Month

KidSport Northumberland and Boston Pizza Cobourg want to recognize all the amazing and physically active children and youth in our community with a $50.00 gift card to Boston Pizza and a featured story in the Northumberland News!

The KidSport Athlete of the Month will receive a $50.00 gift card to Boston Pizza Cobourg. Non-winning worthy nominations will be automatically re-entered in the following month(s) draw. The student who is nominated for this award must be an athlete or participate in a physical activity in Northumberland County. This award is primarily based on the student athlete’s attitude and commitment towards the team, sport and or activity. This means they do not have to be the most skillful athlete, just one who fits the criteria below!

Nominate a student online (Google Doc) here

Get the PDF nomination form here: KidSport Northumberland BP Athlete of the Month Application

More info email:

August KidSport, Boston Pizza Student-Athlete of the Month is John Grundy from the Northumberland Sea Cadets

This month’s KidSport Northumberland + Boston Pizza Cobourg Student Athlete of the Month is John Grundy. John sails, drills, and volunteers for the Northumberland Sea Cadets and also umpires softball locally.

John’s nominator told us that he has dedicated himself to the Sea Cadet Sailing Program. This summer John obtained his CanSail 4 with the Cobourg Yatch Club and will be moving on to the sail instructor program at just 12 years old. John also represented the Northumberland Sea Cadets at Provincial’s this summer and participated in the Sea Cadet CanSail weekend. John says that what he likes most about sailing is the challenge both physically and mentally “Sailing is a thrill sport and I find it very exciting, once I sailed in 20 knots of wind which is almost 30 km/hour creating 5-foot white caps!”. John’s nominator also describes him as a strong leader and mentor within the organization. They described an instance when there was a cadet who was very afraid of the water and John stepped up without being asked and was able to teach, encourage and make the cadet feel comfortable enough to come back out the next day to try sailing again. For John, a good leader is someone who is patient and can stay cool and collected during stressful situations. John loves to help others learn how to sail because he loves to see them improve “I really like to see the gains people make”. John looks up to the athletes who sail the gigantic fiberglass and titanium catamaran sailboats. “A goal of mine is to be one of the 16-25 crew members it takes to race a 65 foot catamaran sailboat.” Want to try sailing but don’t know where to start? John suggests “Find someone who is experienced to take you out and show you how to do it! Once you’re out there never assume someone else has done a job and don’t take the wind for granted that is how you get hurt or turned off the by sport.”

A different nominator also told us that John is an outstanding, strong and confident softball umpire. He described John as a positive leader who helps other umpires develop their skills and abilities, and is very mature when dealing with coaches. John says he got into officiating because he saw a need in his sport “I saw my sport (softball) was lacking in umpires, and it seemed like a good place to step in and help my sport, and it seemed like it would be a fun first job!”. He goes onto say that he believes he will use the morals and values of fairness and leadership learned through umpiring in his daily life with friends, family, and at school. It is one of John’s future goals to help further develop the sports he loves to participate in and help people who are not as fortunate as himself get into the sports and develop the skills and abilities necessary to participate and have fun!

Outside of softball and sailing John likes to BMX bike, scuba dive, swim. He is going into Grade 8 at William Academy and is excited to meet new friends and take advantage of the supports available at William Academy to help him succeed in his last year of elementary school.

One sport John as always wanted to try is football. “I would love to try football but it is a very expensive sport to get into. I really like to watch the sport, and think it would be fun to try.” John goes on to say that one thing Northumberland county could do better is provide more funding opportunities for children and youth to get into sport. He goes on to mention that the local sport organizations could maybe lower the entrance fees for people who can’t afford it. “All children deserve the right to participate in sport so they can start a healthy active lifestyle at a young age to help mostly with mental health but to also help with life in general, and always have that motivation to keep improving”.

Did you know 1 in 3 families can’t afford the costs associated with sport? KidSport Northumberland is a local charity that provides financial support for registration and equipment for youth in Northumberland to play sports or participate in physical activities. KidSport Northumberland Boston Pizza Student Athlete of the month is an award program that aims to recognize all the amazing athletes and physically active youth in our community. To learn more about either of these programs please visit us at or contact Molly at

Donations are always welcome!

Email Northumberland Sports Council: for more information or ideas on fundraising events!


KidSport Northumberland would like to thank the Port Hope Lawn Bowling Club for their very generous donation of $5890.00 (WOW!!!). The Port Hope Lawn Bowling Club has been true advocate for sport and recreation locally in Port Hope since 1900. Due to decreasing club membership the remaining members decided it was time to close down and look for ways to continue their legacy of sport and community through legacy donations. KidSport Northumberland was very fortunate to be 1 of 6 local charities that received some of this funding.

Barbra Gard (treasurer of the Port Hope Lawn Bowling Club) told us it was important for the group to donate to local charities that would help improve our community and continue the legacy of Port Hope Lawn Bowling Club’s love for sport, wellness and healthy active living.

KidSport Northumberland is a local charity that provides financial support for registration and equipment for youth in Northumberland to play sports or participate in physical activities. Did you know that 1 in 3 Canadian families can’t afford the costs associated with organized sport and physical activity?! If you or someone you know could use some help funding your child or youth’s physical activities email KidSport Northumberland at  or visit our website


Thank you, Dr. Benedict, for your generous donation! Your continued support is always appreciated!

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Play it Again Sports Cobourg

Reuse, Recycle, Replay!

Donate your gently used sports equipment to KidSport Northumberland through Play it Again Sports Cobourg! Play It Again Sports Cobourg will make sure that the funds from the sales of the specifically donated equipment will be given to KidSport Northumberland or the equipment will be given directly to a child in need in the Northumberland county region! To learn more about how your donations can give a child a chance to play in organized sport: Call Play it Again Sports Cobourg: (905) 377-8989 Email Northumberland Sports Council: