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KidSport Northumberland works to ensure every child and youth in Northumberland county has access to sport and physical activities! KidSport Northumberland’s mission is to help families overcome financial barriers so that all kids have the opportunity to participate in organized sport and thrive within our community by providing funds for registration AND equipment costs.

  • The KidSport program was introduced to Ontario in 2000 by Sports Alliance Ontario (SAO)
  • KidSport Works to ensure that every child and youth has access to sport and recreation in their community
  • Grants range from $50.00-$250.00
  • KidSport considers social and economic barriers facing the child’s family when determining eligibility
  • Grants are for children and youth under the ages of 18 years old
  • Grants are only available for youth who currently live in Northumberland County

Follow this link to read more about KidSport

Grants through KidSport

  • The KidSport application form and grant guidelines can be found at 
  • Applications must be submitted 45 days before the start of the activity
  • The application will require:
    • Child’s information
    • Parent/guardian’s information
    • The sports organization you are requesting funding for and their address/ information
    • Sports club registration form
    • A quote from the sports organization/ retailer
    • Income verification and documents that prove income
    • Endorsement: third-party verification of the social and or economic barriers impacting the family that may or may not be depicted in the income verification
      • This can be a social services organization, family worker, teacher, pastor

Follow this link to learn how to apply 

KidSport Northumberland Boston Pizza                                Student-Athlete of the Month

KidSport Northumberland and Boston Pizza Cobourg want to recognize all the amazing and physically active children and youth in our community with a $50.00 gift card to Boston Pizza and a featured story in the Northumberland News!

The KidSport Athlete of the Month will receive a $50.00 gift card to Boston Pizza Cobourg. Non-winning worthy nominations will be automatically re-entered in the following month(s) draw. The student who is nominated for this award must be an athlete or participate in a physical activity in Northumberland County. This award is primarily based on the student athlete’s attitude and commitment towards the team, sport and or activity. This means they do not have to be the most skillful athlete, just one who fits the criteria below!

Nominate a student online (Google Doc) here

Get the PDF nomination form here: KidSport Northumberland BP Athlete of the Month Application

More info email:

July KidSport, Boston Pizza Student-Athlete of the Month is Breann Guite from the Northumberland Aquatics Club

This month’s KidSport Northumberland + Boston Pizza Cobourg Student Athlete of the Month is Breann Guite. Breann swims and coaches for the Northumberland Aquatics Club (NORAC). Her nominator describes her as a strong leader within the organization and has achieved personal bests in all her races this year. Breann says that what she likes most about swimming for NORAC is the tight-knit community, “I really love my team and I have made a lot of great friends through swimming.”

Breann is an instructor for the NORAC Swim School and for the NORAC Special Needs Swim School. She says that to her, a good leader is someone who encourages others and involves listening more than talking or advice-giving. When asked why she likes coaching other swimmers it was hard for her to narrow it down to one answer. “There are so many reasons why I love coaching! Coaching others helps me understand how I can improve my own swimming technique, but I also love coaching because I get to see all the kids smiles, I get to help them learn how to swim and I get to see the kids I work with enjoy swimming just as much as I do”. Breann’s role models have shown her what perseverance and hard work looks like both in the pool and on deck. Specifically, Breann mentions her head coach Trish MacNeil. “She’s always there for me, and always pumped and happy to coach. I love to learn from her and I like to take what I have learned from her and put it into when I coach other swimmers.”

Outside of sport, Breann is going into grade 10 at Cobourg Collegiate Institute. Breann really enjoyed her integrated tech class, chemistry and science in general. She is looking forward to no longer being the youngest at the school and is excited about joining a few new clubs in the upcoming school year such as the environmental club! Breann also attributes her ability to multi-task, work well with others and her strong academic performance to the skills and values instilled in her through swimming competitively.

Breann has some great ideas about how Northumberland county could do a better job at making sport and physical activity accessible to more children and youth, “I think we need to do a better job at communicating what is available for children and youth, especially the programs that support people with special needs, because sport is a great way to make people feel included and part of a community”. Breann supports the idea that all children and youth deserve the opportunity to play organized sport. “Playing sports is such a great way to make friends, and do some activity and get out there! It’s also a great way to let off some steam and find something that you are good at doing.”

Did you know 1 in 3 families can’t afford the costs associated with sport? KidSport Northumberland is a local charity that provides financial support for registration and equipment for youth in Northumberland to play sports or participate in physical activities. KidSport Northumberland Boston Pizza Student-Athlete of the month is an award program that aims to recognize all the amazing athletes and physically active youth in our community. To learn more about either of these programs please visit us at or contact Molly at

Donations are always welcome!

Email Northumberland Sports Council: for more information or ideas on fundraising events!


KidSport Northumberland would like to thank the Port Hope Lawn Bowling Club for their very generous donation of $5890.00 (WOW!!!). The Port Hope Lawn Bowling Club has been true advocate for sport and recreation locally in Port Hope since 1900. Due to decreasing club membership the remaining members decided it was time to close down and look for ways to continue their legacy of sport and community through legacy donations. KidSport Northumberland was very fortunate to be 1 of 6 local charities that received some of this funding.

Barbra Gard (treasurer of the Port Hope Lawn Bowling Club) told us it was important for the group to donate to local charities that would help improve our community and continue the legacy of Port Hope Lawn Bowling Club’s love for sport, wellness and healthy active living.

KidSport Northumberland is a local charity that provides financial support for registration and equipment for youth in Northumberland to play sports or participate in physical activities. Did you know that 1 in 3 Canadian families can’t afford the costs associated with organized sport and physical activity?! If you or someone you know could use some help funding your child or youth’s physical activities email KidSport Northumberland at  or visit our website


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Boston Pizza Cobourg – Student-Athlete of the Month


Northumberland News – Student-Athlete of the Month and Weekly Membership Ad 

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Play it Again Sports Cobourg

Reuse, Recycle, Replay!

Donate your gently used sports equipment to KidSport Northumberland through Play it Again Sports Cobourg! Play It Again Sports Cobourg will make sure that the funds from the sales of the specifically donated equipment will be given to KidSport Northumberland or the equipment will be given directly to a child in need in the Northumberland county region! To learn more about how your donations can give a child a chance to play in organized sport: Call Play it Again Sports Cobourg: (905) 377-8989 Email Northumberland Sports Council: